1 hour 2 hours overnight
no no no
110 210 600
Age: 25 Height: 167 Weight: 54
Breast: 3 European (white) Blonde
Tender 25 and Delia certainly has the face of an angel. If you are looking for youthful sexuality then Delia should be ticking all your boxes already. Italian blonde and brown eyes, she has the most sexy of accents and her child like impish smile will melt all but the most hardened individuals. But don't be fooled. Behind the sweet and innocent exterior lies a woman in waiting, knowing exactly what she wants for herself and from you. Tall, slim and curvy with 34D breasts and booty to match, we have never seen such a sexy hourglass figure before. Tightly pinched waist and womanly hips give out all of the right signals and they are not there to deceive, they re there to be used and enjoyed she says. Soft warm and cuddly she loves to feel the contrast of a rugged man up close and enjoys exploring possibilities as much as any man does. Pouting lips that open up a myriad of potential opportunities not to be missed, Delia never fails to deliver on her wanton promises. Working as an outcall escort in London she is available throughout the City and arrives immaculately presented and ready for the night ahead. Discreet and reliable, she takes a great pride in both her experience as well as her work and ensures total satisfaction from all of her clients. Lacy underwear, stockings and suspenders, transparent body stockings, who knows what will be under her attire when she arrives? But as a master of the erotic striptease it doesn’t take too long to find out. Give us a call and we will arrange everything for you.

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